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Latest Patch bugs and fixes

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There is one pretty bug I've noticed. The inventory will not list any items, nor the buttons to scroll, but does indeed work the same. You will also get a lot of errors while the inventory is open.

Let me know if this happens for you, with pictures if you can, and for now we'll have to deal with it (I'm just now getting ready for bed and wont be able to fix it until after I wake)

Also, I want everyone to double check their client version. You can do this by typing "/console get version" into the chatbox. If nothing shows up, your client is older than and you need to force an update.

If you don't know how to force an update, follow these instructions.

  • Delete TWAlpha.exe (there may be 1 or more shown in task manager, make sure to end all of them)
  • Navigate to \Data\
  • Open Patch.cc2 with notepad (you can drag'n'drop the file into notepad)
  • Change the version to '8'
  • Save the file
  • Re-Run the updater
  • Verify your client version.
  • If it says, congrats! If not, please redo the instructions

Sorry for being so brief in this post, but I am very tired now (8:30am) and need to go to sleep

In a later version I will have the updater check the files to validate them, but this is what I'm doing for now.

Thank you for your patience.

As some people are having trouble with it still, here is the exe. Make sure you delete the old one before you put this in your game folder


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