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Miscellaneous bug fixes

  • You no longer attack when clicking Inventory
  • Sign Attributes have been added (not final)
  • Drastically decreased load time of map attributes
  • Stabilized the server when it loads maps.
  • Fixed the alignment of NPC names
  • Moved spawn for Lambda and Sigma to line up with the Gate.
  • Fixed server status page.

You can now save chat logs

  • /console chat [save, log, print]

Added Guild Commands (Self-Explanatory)

  • /console guild add (while targeting) [Appropriate permission]
  • /g to guild chat
  • /console guild set motd <string> (caps at 160 length) [GM Only]
  • /console guild kick <name> [Appropriate permission]
  • /console guild disband [GM Only]
  • /console guild [leave, quit] (it will disband if the leader does this)

Any other notes will be made public as changes are committed.
Consumable Items can be added to hotbar.
Items stack number show up in hotbar.

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