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In-Game Commands (List)

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The ones with a "#" do not need to be typed, and have a hotkey for it

Regular commands:

  • Apostrophe ( ' ) before a message - Broadcast it to the whole server
  • "/g<space><msg>" - talk in guild chat
  • "/p<space><msg>" - talk in party chat
  • Hyphen ( - ) before a message - Emote the message
  • "/w<space><part of username*><msg>" - Send a whisper to the person.
General stuff
  • "/save" - saves your character data when standing near a save shop
  • "/afk" or "/away" - flag yourself as away or not away (toggle)
  • "/minimap" - Opens or closes the minimap (toggle) #
  • "/gate" - opens the gate window when near the gate #
  • "/gateout" - attempts to gate out of the area #
  • "/who" - Shows a list of online players, and their up-to-date afk status
  • "/fps" - displays the Frames-Per-Second in the upper left corner area
  • "/fpslock" - removes the FPS lock causing the game to use more resources and possibly run more smooth
Console Commands
All of these begin with "/console<space>" and further into development they will be removed from player-access; and staff will have another place to type these commands. They are strung together as shown in the tree.
/console set sfx 0
  • "set"
    • "sfx" or "sound"
      • 0 - turns SFX off
      • 1 - turns SFX on
    • "music"
      • 0 - turns music off
      • 1 - turns music on
    • "ctm" -- note : this may be removed in later versions
      • 0 - turns click-to-move off
      • 1 - turns click-to-move on
    • "gfxmode"
      • You can use either 0, 1, or 3. 3 is the only supported one at this time, and will be the default in later versions. You are free to experiment and see which one works best for you. Some may load quicker and run slower, etc
/console set sfx 0
/console set music 1
/console set gfxmode 3
  • "get"
    • "version" - returns the client version into the chat box
    • "gfxmode" - returns the GFX Mode currently in use into the chat box
    • "items" or "equipment" or "equip" - lists the items currently worn into the chat box
    • "stats" or "stat" or "character" or "char" - lists your stats into the chat box
    • /console get version
      /console get gfxmode
      /console get stats
      /console get items
  • "party"
    • "invite" or "add" - invites the selected player into your party; only the leader can do this
    • "leave" or "quit" - removes yourself from the party. This will not disband the party unless the party consists of a single player after doing so
    • /console party invite
      /console party add
      /console party quit
      /console party leave
  • "guild"
    • "invite" or "add" - invites the selected player into the guild. This is in alpha and may not work correctly
    • "leave" or "quit" - removes yourself from the guild. This will disband the guild if the command is performed by the leader
    • "disband" - disbands the guild; only the leader can do this
    • "kick <part of username*>" - kicks the player from the guild; only the leader can do this
    • "set<space>motd<space><msg>" - sets the guild MOTD. Currently, this only works for a single word (no spaces in the MOTD)
    • "get<space>exp" - displays your guilds exp into the chat box
    • /console guild invite
      /console guild leave
      /console guild kick Tyrial
      /console guild get exp
  • "trade" - trades with the selected player. Must be standing next to each other (or on the same spot if allowed)
  • "sprite<space>1" or "spriteshop<space>1" - displays an early version of a sprite editor. Unsupported; no one will see the changes except you and they will not save
  • "reload" or "ref" - reloads the hotkey binds incase you change them with the game open
  • "chat"
    • "save" or "print" or "log" - saves the chatlog to a file on your computer, located in \Data\Logs\Chat.
*You need at least 3 characters of their name, and without typing more it may go to someone else if the amount you type is the same as another. Ex : "Tre" could go to "Treehouse" and "Trespass"
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