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Progress Report - 25/12/2015

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As some of you may have noticed, Mac Anu has a winter theme in spirit of the season!

In addition to this, it has come to my attention that the updater has been working incorrectly for some players.
I would ask that anyone attempting to play, please download this version of the updater and replace the one in your games directory.
Download : zip, rar

For many players, the updater was giving a "File create error" or "Permission denied" popup.
Not to mention it wasn't adding the new files to the Common.CC2 file. This is a huge problem.

ALSO. In order for the game to run correctly, you'll have to set your version back down to version "64".
You can do this by running Notepad (as administrator), and opening the file \Data\Patch.CC2
You will see a line that says Version=X. If the X is under 64, you are fine.
If it is above 64, you will need to change it to say Version=64 and then save the file.
When you run the updater again, it will get all the new files properly.

UPDATE: The old process may have been confusing, so I made this small manual-patch. Just extract these files to your game folder (overwriting the old files) and you should be golden!

I know you've all been waiting very patiently for 1.0.9.x (some even gave up), and we're close to releasing it.
We were on a roll with R:2 and didn't have time to work on R:1, but now I am back and actively working on it!

There will be over 100 bug fixes in the new version, as well as new features, new sprites, new tilesets, and better performance.
@Homes may not be ready for 1.0.9.x release, but may be pushed to a later version (still 1.0.9.x)

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