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New Test Version

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Alpha Test Version

  • This version contains the following additions:
  • Smooth movement from other players ('less lag jitter when others move')
  • PvP - (in fields)
  • Trading - (click the person and press "t")
  • Selling to shops
  • Saves stats and inventory
  • Larger list of animations
  • Patcher
  • various bug fixes..

TO PLAY: Type in username and password and click register. Wait for your account to register. Then login.

Coming up: Finishing partying (85% completed at this point), basic customization (hair, clothes, skin color), new monster, weapon and field additions, improve enemy ai/animations.

Known Issues:

  • Patcher still needs some work. Updates will have full download offered just in case.
  • Not all features in option menu fully work.
  • Weapons from other players do not appear.
  • Glitches in clothes.
  • Animation syncing does not sync correctly all the time.

Controls: Space - Jump, C - Stats, F1 - Warp (near gate or in field), t - Trade (after click on person), ctrl + left click hold - Rotate around character, right click hold - turn player, i - inventory, e - open shop, e - attack monster/player (with weapon equipped), ~ - coordinates, 1..2..3..4..etc - Magic (with staff equipped), right click item - delete item, esc - option menu, shift - walk, left click item - use/equip, left click chest - pickup, /world- shouts in chat.

Update: Invisible person glitch will update link and put out a patch in the morning.

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