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New Test Version - 4/27/2013

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New version, I did a little work decreasing the negative performance impact caused by water, lighting, and object reuse, it's by no means as optimized as it could be, but it should be a bit better.

  • Minor character customization, I'll be adding on to it in subsequent versions. (Activate using F2)
  • Account information saving has been disabled again. Added some additional menus.
  • Re-added Theta server, along with Hidden His Arena (probably the least performance draining field available to go to.)
  • Patcher has been improved should be more reliable, once again though I'll let you know in my posts whether or not the subsequent patches can be downloaded using the patcher.
  • Bug fixes.
  • More information in change-log.

(Redownload the game, patching WONT work)

Haven't had an opportunity to do much testing with the character customization with multiple people, so changes may or may not show up correctly on others computers, however they should show up perfectly on yours.

Coming next update:
Additional customization options, add even more optimizations, additional bug fixes, improve on the option menu, general improvements. Fortunately our base game is coming along nicely, we're really getting close to only needing to perfect things, so hopefully things continue to go well, thank you for continuing to support this project : )

Possibly coming additions:
Improve combat, dungeons, fields, weapons, and monster's depending on how normal development goes.

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