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New Test Version - 5/20/2013

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  • Sandfield dungeon re-enabled. Multiple floors will be added in the near future, as we're almost finished with a system for creating complex/fun dungeons fairly easily.
  • Grunty's grow (very basic) activate grunty food near your grunty and it will grow. Hoping to make it a bit more interesting in the future, and at some point add in a system to allow you to ride them around and ram em against people/walls.
    • Kid, Adult, Noble.
    • Possibly rare grunty's appear (haven't been tested)
  • Grunty food added around sandfield.
  • Two shops added to Mu Hel, one sells some potions not in Aqua Polis.
  • Gott statue in the dungeon. Falls apart when item is removed.
  • Right click inventory options. Drop item, delete item, inspect item.
  • "F2" Opens the character customization menu. Click colors to change the color, click the equipment name to remove or add it. Choose a class from the drop down list (currently weapons are setup for all classes, so there is no difference). Will become more developed as time goes on, proportion options, tattoos, hair options, eye color options, etc..
  • "F3" Opens the flash mail window. You will receive a notification in the right hand corner of your screen when you have new mail. Clicking the message opens up your flash mail. You can send new messages by putting in the name of the user you're trying to send to. Messages can be deleted by right clicking on them. Going to be implementing Member Address's at some point, so you'll be able to use those as well.
  • NPC Chatting, NPC's have basic chat functions.
  • Partying works fairly well. Message party members using "/party [message]" in chat. Leave chat by left clicking yourself and choosing to leave. Not sure if EXP distribution/treasure works correctly, so I would like to get some feedback if someone gets a chance.
  • Instant message "/[PlayerName] [message]" will send a private message to the person.
  • Quest giver, located where the old guild guy was. (Right outside aqua polis's entrance). Two example quests are there, they give reward money. More quests in the future. As well as much more advanced quests, the new system allows for near infinite variety of quest and will only get better with improvements.
  • Added some misc sound effects, and music changes. More to come, will add some of the fan submitted works, and will add some more actual sound effects, as things are a little empty atm.
  • Live event system started and functioning. (Admin will be able to setup events while game runs)
  • Added donations button on the front page. as well as a list of the things we need in case you're particularly interested. If you're curious about anything there, feel free to let me know.
  • Someone inquired about the saving account info. The game's setup to store and retrieve account info without any issues atm. But things are a bit tight, SO, until something changes we can't really afford a separate sql database atm.

Sandfield dungeon graphics glitch (odd flickering) fixed.
Issue with some of the UI's resizing fixed.
Nothing happens when you try to go to areas that don't exist.
Misc errors.
Made water bluer, no green water.
Multiple people can get on. (No promises as to how many though)

Removed patcher again. People confused in form, don't have a good update procedure yet.
Holyground barriers improved.

Areas: Hidden Forbidden Holyground, Hidden His Arena, Hidden Forbidden Sandfield, Mu Hel, Aqua Polis.
Controls: i - inventory, F1 - warp menu, F2 - Character Customization, F3 - Flash Mail, c - Character stat, e - action button/attack, p - friends list, left click player - drop down menu, right click hold - rotate player, ctrl + left click - rotate camera around character, mousewheel - zoom in and out, hold shift - walk, esc - options.

Player character clipping issues.
Camera clipping.
Aqua Polis water reflections sometimes glitch.
Grunty's don't move after they get older.
Overlapping windows causes issues.
Some enemies act dumber than normal.

Aryth's Lab (long time coming I know lol)
Additional Content
Improvements to current systems, models, etc..
Re-adding real grunty tavern
A more in-depth event system, to spawn items, enemies, fields, setup games, and edit the world.
Alter keys in-game so that you don't have to use the horrible key scheme I chose.
Tie in the classes like they should be, no assigning stats, weapons/armor class specific, etc..

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