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New Test Version - 6/20/2013

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  • Saving and loading of account info for, quests, stats, inventory, money, customizations, friends lists, etc.. The only thing that does not save or load atm is flash mail.
  • Additional floors and rewards added to the "Hidden Forbidden Sandfield" dungeon. (note that ker's new dungeon models aren't in yet so these are the same ones as prior versions)
  • First version of Aryth's Lab has been set up at "Hidden His Holyground"
  • The option menu has been tidied up a bit, and contains indicators to let you know if something is on or off now.
  • Key editor has been added to the option menu, so you can set a good portion of the keys to whatever you want.
  • New quest, written by ker. This will test the courier type quests. Adding this quest has made it painfully apparent that our dialogue system leaves much to be desired, so that will likely be improved in the near future.
  • Classes have been implemented (they mean something now), there's a fixed progression for specific classes, you can only equip items for your class or that are classless items. Classes/Stats play a larger role in combat then they did previously. And atm you can switch between classes as you please. Due note however that on login your stats will be calculated based on the last class you chose. You can no longer add stat points to whatever stats you want on level up. However there will be ways in the future to obtain stat points that you can distribute to whatever stats you like. Lastly the progressions are not set in stone, nowhere near, hopefully we can find Aryth so he can make some masterful progressions, if not, well I'll just have to do some maths.
  • New items, as is necessary for every class to have an item, some variations may be laying about, but no guarantees.
  • A hidden location has been added, it can be accessed by activating something that is out of place.
  • Water detail scales based on the quality settings you choose, still looks good though regardless of your choice. Should improve framerate a bit at the lower end of the spectrum.
  • Grunty tavern added to Mu Hel.

This update was primarily focused on the classes, and the items I posted in "Future Additions" for the last version. Next update will be primarily, if not entirely focused on performance boosts. I've been wanting to improve the performance of the game for sometime but realized that it will likely take up the gist of an update. This doesn't mean there won't be anything new in the next update, just that there may be less new things then usual. I'd like to give a big thanks to everyone who donated, it's only thanks to them that I had the opportunity to get the saving/loading in a working state again. And thanks everyone in the community for sticking around in between these month long updates.

To create an account, type in your username/password and click register. Once that's done click login and you'll be all set.

-Quests not greying out (letting you take multiple of the same quest) after you accept the quest.
-Infinite spawning of items/infinite leveling of monsters. (cannot be confirmed from my end as completely fixed so you guys will have to tell me if it's still showing up.)
-More improvements to position syncing. (I'm not a fan of people floating about)
-A bug where previously you could not obtain anymore of a certain item after you had used all the ones in your inventory.

Changed the way the mini-map looks slightly.
Placed some custom/community made music in some parts of the game.

(Thanks 1up for the hosting!)

May upload Mac/Linux version but that's only if it doesn't take 3 days to get them uploaded (I have terrabad internet).



Areas: Hidden Forbidden Holyground, Hidden His Arena, Hidden Forbidden Sandfield, Mu Hel, Aqua Polis, Hidden His Holyground.
Controls: i - inventory, F1 - warp menu, F2 - Character Customization, F3 - Flash Mail, c - Character stat, e - action button/attack, p - friends list, left click player - drop down menu, right click hold - rotate player, ctrl + left click - rotate camera around character, mousewheel - zoom in and out, hold shift - walk, esc - options.
Chat Commands:
/[name] [message] - private chat, /world [message] - world chat, /party [message] - party chat

Player character clipping issues.
Camera clipping.
Aqua Polis water reflections sometimes glitch.
Grunty's don't move after they get older.
Overlapping windows causes issues.
Some enemies act dumber than normal.
Putting on armor after a magical item gets rid of spells.
Loading takes a sec to get all the account info based on your connection (will look into fixing this fairly soon, as it bugs me)
Sometimes weapons won't equip on login. It'd be helpful if someone confirmed if this only happens when the client is close, or if it also happens when you logout normally.

-Next update will be primarily focused on reducing the performance issues and increasing framerate. I have a few things I wanted to try for this update, but found that they were too time consuming to do along with everything else.
-Additional lighting work needs to be done in sandfield's dungeon floors. Hopefully I can come up with some way to automate or pre-bake stuff like that so that dungeons can be "mass" created more or less in the future.
-Character customization on first login. As it's kind of odd that this doesn't already happen atm.
-You will not spawn in the Root Town if you logout or crash in a dungeon. So in the future you "will" need to bring sprite ocarina's. As it's a pain to backtrack through multiple levels. Unless you enjoy the dungeon scenery. If so, then carry on.
-Flash mail saving and loading.
-UI Tweaks
-Rent a house in Aqua Polis, buildings get doors, and you can rent a physical building in Mac Anu (you'll be able to see our of windows!). This will be tested here, it may or may not stay in to the final release.
-Option menu changes will persist across different sessions.
-Graphical fixes.
-Improved saving/loading of account info.

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