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New Test Version - 7/26/2013

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-New character model (yes again)
-Graphics optimizations
-100 new weapons
-GM/Admin Features
-Camera collision
-Tool tip popups for actions (Press F1 at the gate, press e at a shop for instance.)
-Intro video (thanks iced)

To create an account, type in your username/password and click register. Once that's done click login and you'll be all set.

So this update was specifically aimed at improving performance of the game as a whole and hopefully I accomplished that to some degree but I won't know for sure until I get feedback from you guys. However while working on the update I ended up working on a few other existing bugs that messed up gameplay, and some new things, including (yet another) new character. Also despite how it may seem, quite a few changes were made to the game in this update, I mention this because you may see some new/old bugs pop back up. Please bear with us and report any bugs you find and we'll get them worked out soon. The next update will once again be focused on a variety of new additions like a bank, new consumables, couple of new areas, and bug fixes. Thanks for sticking around and I hope you enjoy this update.

-PvP is working (though it may be hard to kill someone at higher levels)
-Monster's don't just drop the same thing, they can now drop any item potentially.
-Options settings save correctly.
-Improved zooming.
-Trade is working as intended
-Left click menu stays up and doesn't flicker away.
-Saving is handled better (hopefully takes care of any leveling issues)
-Chests timeout after a certain period, also gm's can wipe all chests in an area if they so choose.
-All monsters should be kill-able.

-Aryth's lab has been rescaled (still has its share of issues though)
-Grunty tavern has been changed to be more inviting.



(Thanks 1up for the hosting!)

May upload Mac/Linux version but that's only if it doesn't take 3 days to get them uploaded (I have terrabad internet).



Areas: Hidden Forbidden Holyground, Hidden His Arena, Hidden Forbidden Sandfield, Mu Hel, Aqua Polis, Hidden His Holyground.

Controls: i - inventory, F1 - warp menu, F2 - Character Customization, F3 - Flash Mail, c - Character stat, e - action button/attack, p - friends list, left click player - drop down menu, right click hold - rotate player, ctrl + left click - rotate camera around character, mousewheel - zoom in and out, hold shift - walk, esc - options.

Chat Commands:
/[name] [message] - private chat, /world [message] - world chat, /party [message] - party chat

Player character clipping issues.
Camera clipping.
Aqua Polis water reflections sometimes glitch.
Grunty's don't move after they get older.
Overlapping windows causes issues.
Some enemies act dumber than normal.
Putting on armor after a magical item gets rid of spells.
Loading takes a sec to get all the account info based on your connection (will look into fixing this fairly soon, as it bugs me)

-Improvements to @homes, their mostly aesthetic atm and we'd like to add a lot more to them.
-Banks, this has been needed for a long time now.
-A more traditional minimap.
-Character facial emotes.
-Alternate sit animations.
-Additional lighting work needs to be done in sandfield's dungeon floors. Hopefully I can come up with some way to automate or pre-bake stuff like that so that dungeons can be "mass" created more or less in the future.
-Looking into guilds again, as well as guild stores.
-Character customization on first login. As it's kind of odd that this doesn't already happen atm.
-You will not spawn in the Root Town if you logout or crash in a dungeon. So in the future you "will" need to bring sprite ocarina's. As it's a pain to backtrack through multiple levels. Unless you enjoy the dungeon scenery. If so, then carry on.
-Flash mail saving and loading.
-UI Tweaks
-Graphical fixes.
-Improved saving/loading of account info.

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