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Indiegogo Promotion Contest

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So we know a number of you may not be able to donate cash directly, and we wanted to come up with a way to reward you as well for promoting the campaign.

Some prizes for promotion:
Refer 10 people - Receive in-game tag "Referral Knight"
Refer 50 people - Receive in-game tag "Referral Magi"
Refer 100 people - Receive in-game tag "Promotion King"
Refer 250 people - Receive in-game tag "Liaison"
Refer 500 people - Receive in-game tag "Information Broker"
Refer 750 people - Receive in-game tag "The Referral Ninja"
Refer 1000 people - Custom forum title and the in-game tag "Referral: Bringer of The End"
Refer the most people by the end of the indiegogo campaign: In-game pet "The Familiar Spirit" that will float next to your character, seeding you the occasional piece of advice to help you along your journey. Your spirit has a life of its own, going about it's business, your familiar has the ability to disappear from others, and playfully distribute it's wrath against enemies and party members alike.

IN ADDITION to this bounty. You will receive the closest perk (digital items) to a third the value of the amount your referrals have donated.

Rules - We're tracking referrals using indiegogo's built in tracker:

  • You must have an indiegogo account.
  • You need to click either the page's facebook like button, or twitter button. Anyone who clicks the link to the indiegogo page in your facebook/twitter post will be logged.
  • How much people donated based on your referral is also tracked.


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