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Server ONLINE!

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Hi everyone, I want to let you know that we'll be temporarily opening the server back up during the rest of the indiegogo campaign.

The new update is coming soon, going to brief you all as to what were looking to have ready:

Updated Interfaces (we're going through making improvements to all of the UI)

New better controls and combat - Kicking it up a notch with combat, this will be the first real iteration where we work on combat controls. Adding in sound effects, visual effects, new ways to attack, and making the combat experience a lot more fun. We'll be introducing stats that are actually meaningful instead of the arbitrary stuff we've had in there before.

Monster sounds - We'll be doing a few updates to the monsters as well, we're working on getting them to be more than zombies that bum rush you, also we're getting some new sound effects for them so you can hear them coming. And maybe we'll even have some new monster's for you.

Basic patching system - Getting a basic patching system working, so maybe we can save you some bandwidth.

New Areas - For those of you that haven't seen the pic. We're going to be introducing quite a few new areas.

Optimizations, tweaks, new features, and bug fixes - You can look forward to seeing even more than this in the next update, this is just a small tidbit to let you know we haven't been asleep for the past few months.

In addition Joseph Stacko will be helping with community management. Everyone on the dev team has there hands full with dev. for the game, so we can't be quite as active as we'd like. Joseph will be able to keep you updated on the game, and keep things interesting in the game/forum.

Thanks everyone with you help on the fundraising campaign, and I hope you're as excited as I am for the next update!!!



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