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Alpha Test - 2/5/2014

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Closed alpha has just begun, most of you will have already received your alpha keys. If you donated for early access and have not yet received your key, please send me a message. If you would like to get access go HERE.



This first phase will primarily be a test of the new patcher, and networking. There will be updates through the patcher every few days with bug fixes, content, and mechanics updates. All future updates (barring a catastrophe) will come through the patcher. Account wipes will happen at most once per week, and will be done as necessary to test new features/mechanics/content.



Combat has been changed a tiny bit, for this phase of testing we’ll be moving towards an action oriented style of combat, after it’s completed, we’ve gathered user feedback, and the system has been adequately tested. We will lock-in the final combat design. Aside from just combat mechanics additional effects, sounds, combat related content, and animations, will be coming before the system is finished. No new weapon models will be added during alpha, after alpha however, there will be an abundance of different weapon models. The current weapon models only serve as place holders. There is currently only a couple of temporary Wavemaster spells, there will however be many more to test before alpha is over.



Dungeons will start popping back up again in the coming weeks updates. In addition to dungeons we’ve opened up four additional fields. As well as 14 new monsters, and 6 New Bosses. Some of these new monsters have been added to the new fields, others will be added in updates, and the new bosses will be added along with the new dungeons. Field sizes have been increased massively, and previous fields have been revamped and will continue to be revamped throughout alpha. We’re working on tools to more intelligently populate these fields, so in the meantime they may be a little scarce. Fields will continue to be limited. But new fields will open up as we progress through alpha.



New character customization options along with the new male option, additional armor choices, texture choices, and color choices will give you more freedom to customize. This is nowhere near the extent of the customization system, and we have planned many more options for things like: tattoos, proportions, voices, facial structure, etc… before the end of alpha.



Side Notes

Monster’s slightly improved, they no longer perfectly rotate to trace your movements.

A few of Kodum’s new tracks have been added to the new and existing fields.

Preparing to deliver some of the indiegogo perks.

New Aqua Polis work is progressing along well.

Foot step sounds for different surfaces.

A few new network security improvements.




(New donation page for those who want to donate towards stretch goals or get alpha keys - thanks Joe)



Areas: Hidden Forbidden Holyground, Hidden Forbidden Sea of Sand, Boundless Agonizing Melody, Rejecting Forbidden Messenger, Bursting Eternal Hypha, Detestable Smiling Paradise, Soft Momentary Spiral.


To create an account, type in your username/password and click register. Once that's done click login, enter your key once and you'll be all set.


Controls: i - inventory, F1 - warp menu, F2 - Character Customization, F3 - Flash Mail, c - Character stat, e - action button, left click - attack, left ctrl - control swap, p - friends list, left click player - drop down menu, right click hold - rotate player, ctrl + left click - rotate camera around character, mousewheel - zoom in and out, hold shift - walk, esc - options.




Chat Commands

/[name] [message] - private chat

/world [message] - world chat

/party [message] - party chat



Player character clipping issues.

Camera clipping.

Aqua Polis water reflections sometimes glitch.

Grunty's don't move after they get older.

Overlapping windows causes issues.

Loading takes a sec to get all the account info based on your connection

Male/Female Armor Glitches

Less male than female customization options

New monsters are not balanced.

@home owners not saving

Armor not equipping.

No field looping.

Head turning stuttering.



Improvements to @homes, their mostly aesthetic atm and we'd like to add a lot more to them.


A more traditional minimap.


Character facial emotes.

Alternate sit animations.

Weather FX for the appropriate fields.

New enemy AI

New dialogue system.

Balanced weapons and enemies.

Looking into guilds again, as well as guild stores.

You will not spawn in the Root Town if you logout or crash in a dungeon. So in the future you "will" need to bring sprite ocarina's. As it's a pain to backtrack through multiple levels. Unless you enjoy the dungeon scenery. If so, then carry on.

UI Tweaks

Graphical fixes.

Improved saving/loading of account info.

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