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Alpha Test - 2/21/2014 - 1.7.0

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Closed alpha has just begun, most of you will have already received your alpha keys. If you donated for early access and have not yet received your key, please send me a message. If you would like to get access go HERE.


This update features a change to the patching system and should allow us to create much smaller patches in the future. This is the reason why there is a separate download for this update.



The camera system has been redone in this update, there is not longer a separate in-field and out-of-field camera system. The system is not done however and we'll be adding camera collision in a patch, as well as some minor tweaks based on user feedback and gameplay requirements.

Consumables can now be added to the hotkey bar, this is not complete and has been added to make it a bit easier to use potions in battle. As well as the ability to run and use potions.

Monster health has been reduced to a more reasonable level. This is just a stat tweak. There will be a new monster progression system added in the near future. Exceptions for a few monsters that still have weighty health bars.

Dropping and deleting now functions as intended, and other players can pick up the items you drop.

Thieves now wield both blades, and knights now utilize their shield. Changes to their and other classes play styles will be added in future patches.


Battle music has been added when entering into an engagement with a monster. Big thanks to Kodum for the track.

Armor system has been redone and multiple pieces of armor can be equipped.

Selling is now an option at your favorite shop.

Minor snow and cloud FX have been added to snowfield. This is to test the beginnings of the weather system.

Added a few new male customization options, more outfits coming soon.

Key-mapping has been expanded and supports input from controllers.


In the next patch we will be focusing on bringing all the games fields/dungeons back into a single world-space, when that update is ready there will likely be no physical boundaries between fields until the field looping is reimplemented. Also we are going to be setting up some in-game events in the very near future so keep your eyes peeled.

We need volunteers to work with us testing issues with the Mac client, if you're interested and you have a Mac please send me a pm here on the forums.


(Link updated to 1.7.2)

Hidden Forbidden Holyground, Hidden Forbidden Sea of Sand, Boundless Agonizing Melody, Rejecting Forbidden Messenger, Bursting Eternal Hypha, Detestable Smiling Paradise, Soft Momentary Spiral.

To create an account, type in your username/password and click register. Once that's done click login, enter your key once and you'll be all set.

Controls: i - inventory, F1 - warp menu, F2 - Character Customization, F3 - Flash Mail, c - Character stat, e - action button, left click - attack, left ctrl - control swap, p - friends list, left click player - drop down menu, right click hold - rotate player, ctrl + left click - rotate camera around character, mousewheel - zoom in and out, hold shift - walk, esc - options.

Chat Commands
/[name] [message] - private chat
/world [message] - world chat
/party [message] - party chat

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