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[Open Position] Game Master (GM)

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We are now currently on the lookout for a new GM!

Usually, we pick people who are active enough and simply approach them wondering if they want the position. But this time, considering that there are a lot of people who fall into that category, we have decided to open applications for the position to see who might be interested.

Description (This list will change as the game gets further into development, but if you can do the following, I have no doubt you'll be able to handle what comes later).

  • Assist users with their in-game experience (as the game is developed, there will be more responsibility in this area than there currently is).
  • Assist users with forum issues or in-game bugs if able.
  • Keep forum active (you won't have to do this alone, but you'd be doing a great service by trying to keep the forums going).
  • Host regular events either on the forums, in-game, or both.
  • Work with the administrators/developers to address user concerns if necessary and to give users the best answers possible.


  • You must be active on the forums (Senior Member tag preferred, but not required).
  • You must be willing to schedule regular events and have the time to do so (Between releases, events are one of the best things we can think of to keep activity up. What we mean by 'regular' is up for negotiation).
  • You must be able to maintain a professional attitude towards other users.

How to Apply

Please fill out the following (brief) questionnaire and send it to me by going here.

1. Please briefly describe how you are active on the forums.
2. What kinds of events would you be interested in running (give us an idea of the types of events you'd create in-game, forum, or both)?
3. Why should we pick you?
4. Any additional comments, if desired.

To all who are interested, good luck!!

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