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Hello everyone, I'd like to let you know that I am not dead, nor have I left the project behind. For reasons I'll explain in a later announcement I haven't been around, or had reliable access to a computer for a while. Fortunately I have access now, and I'm in the process of getting all my stuff set back up so that I can get back to work on the game.

I am going over the backlog of messages and posts I've gotten since I've been gone, now. So don't be too surprised if you get a reply to an old pm.

Some small points I'd like to make:
-I quickly suspended the donations because I was going to be unable to offer support, manage the servers, accounts, or add anything to the game while I was gone. Donations will likely return to normal once I have all my equipment set back up. This is also the reason I delayed switching to Patreon.

-If you have questions, feel free to post them here. I should be able to get to them fairly quickly now.

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