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We are back!

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A bit early for this announcement but I myself can hardly contain waiting as some may know, the last few weeks have been rough. A lot of rumors were going around and many of us were in the dark about the situation with the staff. That being said...we're back!

We are the first to admit the lack of communication thus far for not only ourselves but to you, the players as well was inexcusable. So we are going to try and make that up as much as we can.

A few small things to make this up.

1. From what I understand Siegfre found ways to fix the major problems with the lag in our game. It's still being tweaked but I know for many this was a large concern.

2. As you can see the Development forums are open with old content for the game. The developer blog for donators is still active however, and for new content it will be posted there as it's being made.

3. Speaking of the Development forums, I made a new thread (while forgetting my old thread was only under it by a few, opps) about reconstructing Holyground. I plan to make it bigger and more worthy of a .hack game.

4. We would like to host a small event, similar to our last one for the players. This time however, you guys decide the theme of the event. Granted we want to limit the resources used for this event to a minimum as to not hurt development, but on the forums let us know what sort of theme and gimmik the event consists of. Don't be scared when posting because of my limited resources comment, we will let you know as people post what we can and cannot do for this.
Some examples would be a summer, winter, or fall festival. It could be located on a beach or lake, or some sort of other area. It could be a tournament (assuming PVP is up to date). You guys decide! As the more popular ideas surface, we will put it to a vote.

5. Many of the older members from CyberConnect already know about this, but for those who don't, I want an alternative for those seeking a more active forum or .hack game while we continue to progress in ours. As many know I've had a stance that our community doesn't need to seek growing until we have more done. Although ideally we should be farther in development we are not, so I want to push this stance again and give people some options.

When CyberConnect went down, an older project from many years ago, the community divided. A division of those members can be found here at Cyberconnects2.


I personally along with the rest of the staff do not have anything to do with the project or development and have nothing bad to say against it's staff. Actually I've known one of them for years. For those more interested in a .hack clone or a 2d game to make the time go by, here is a good alternative.

For one thing we are still lacking, and needed desperately, is 3D modelers (who can texture) and animators. Please pm me if you are interested in joining the project if you are a 3D modeler and/animator

I hope these small things are enough to satisfy some of you while we continue to develop The World.

Thank you,

Lee Keramory

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