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New beta test and request for spriters and server host

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Solid, long bursts of work have started again and I have decided that after the server and networking is completely rebuilt (which is almost done, just need to implement the client side into the current game) that there will be a beta test to see how smoothly this whole new system runs. The features will be that of a simple MMORPG without battles for now. After that and whatever fixes have been made, focus will switch back to the battle engine once again (which is already looking very good and has progressed quite far).

But, there are two problems.
One is that we want to start using original, unique characters for this beta test. Of course not tons like the end game will have, but enough. The problem is that we don't currently have anyone that is up to the job of working with us frequently to produce these sprites. The sort of character sprites needed are the sort in the screenshots here. They don't have to be the exact same (for example, making them somewhat bigger may look better), but need to be able to fit in with the rest of the graphics well.
If you think you are up to such a job, then please contact me via PM or by email or on MSN Messenger (hawthorneluke@hotmail.com).

The second problem is that currently we have no real way of hosting such a beta. We need a windows machine that will be able to run 24/7 without much interference to host this new server, preferably. Again, without this, the beta will be impossible. Again, if you can help here, please contact me via PM or by email or on MSN Messenger (hawthorneluke@hotmail.com).

If you want to help out this team but can't help in the two ways listed above, then still feel free to contact me. Please just make sure that you will be able to help us well in at least one way.

(Note: If you think you've already talked to me about the related things in this post in the past, then please contact me again, as I'm not 100% certain about what people have said and what they are currently doing, with disappearing for months or whatever and I have no idea if you still want to do anything. Thanks.)

If you have any interest in helping us, but are not sure and need questions answered. then please contact me by any of the ways listed above and I'll be able to fill you in with everything you need to know.

Interested in the progress of this beta test? then check out here.

One last note. I'll be away for a week this Tuesday (14th of August). So don't expect to hear from me until I get back.

Thanks. We're counting on you!

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