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IT arrived.

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Thanks to Aweb for Sponsoring at this Point.

I was a bit surprised to see a small quite nice shaped DVD-Cover-sized Package in our mail… a evil grin could be seen on my face… like a maniac I ran around screaming “ITS HERE - OH GOD ITS HERE ALREADY.”.

That was the time I got my hands on this awesome oldschool movie I ordered from Nostalgic Videos… — Today was quite similiar.

To celebrate this nice day - which I hope we will always remember as the Starting-Date of this Project while enjoying a nice game of ‘The World’ with you all - I took some Camshots - nothing too special but still more than nothing to please your eyes.

I hope I can provide a Manual Scan soon aswell.

Anyway - If you want to check up on the Pics - Read on!

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