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Yggdra Union - PSP Hacking

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EDIT! The PTX2TGA Converter is now released and available.

Opensource as always. Here it is. Readme included.

Yggdra Union PTX -> TGA Converter



Hello everyone. I know I’ve been pretty inactive on the BBS lately.

RL got me. Anyway… I’m still waiting for translation for Fragment… Just in case someone can help, read the Blog-Post right below this one.

That aside, I’ve started a little Mini-Hack, again for a PSP game… Sheesh… I should start a collection for hacks already so you guys can have a open view on them…

Anyway - Till now I’ve got… BGMs hacked - yeah - got all of them - even the hidden unused ones…

And parts of the Sprite-Format aswell… It uses 16×8 Pixel Blocks to save the [censored]… I really got no idea why each game has to have it’s own stupid Image-Format… anyway…

I will provide the needed tools to take a look yourself into this games’ files once I’ve finished a Image-Unpacker.

Greetings, the Administrator.

R. D. Coldbird

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