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BROWedit Ragnarok Mapeditor cracked!

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As we were in need of a realtime 3D mapeditor… and Borf didn’t get back to my request of buying a copy off of him…

I had no other choice but to crack it to work on any computer…

Unlike other codings of mine, I won’t release this one to the public as I had to promise it to the “raw provider” (the person that leaked a protected beta copy to me).

I will hand out copies of this tool to mapping volunteers for our new “The World” Ragnarok Online Server though - of course only for personal use.

In advance… to make sure people who just wish to leak this tool from us stay away… I added my own protections to this tool… which allow me to easily deactivate and render shared copies useless.

For those that are serious and wish to help us build a “The World” Ragnarok Server…

Your job as mapper would be to recreate all of the “The World” areas… be it root towns, dungeons, lost grounds, etc…

If you’re interested. Contact me on the BBS or via Instant Messengers (You can look up my IM data in my BBS profile).


R. D. Coldbird

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