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The World - Now coming in three different flavours…

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Many .hack fans know the mystery behind the name… a fictional MMORPG where the nature spirits gave the human race so-called waves to protect themselves and their cities against monsters…

But is it really that fictional?

Three different revisions based on two different concepts are currently being worked out by Altimit Corp. and Team A.U. - While one version is based entirely on a opensource engine, namely the famous Torque Engine, the other two revisions are based on eAthena & Ragnarok Online.

Both the Version based on Torque aswell as one of the two versions based on Ragnarok Online will revolve around the The World R1 setting, while the second Ragnarok Online based version will revolve around the R2 setting seen in GU games.

So what does this mean?

The World will become a reality… who knows… maybe sooner than we all believed at first…

To memorize this big step towards not only one, but three implementations of The World… Altimit Corp. and Team A.U. - using this blog as a headquarter for the The World Project - hereby start a partnership, to master the ordeals that await us together.

Greetings to all our readers,

R. D. Coldbird

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