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PCSX2 3D Screenshot Plugin

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Yes… 3D Screenshots… Sounds interesting?

Listen well then… You might like what you read.

To those that tried to do 3D Screenshots of PCSX2 using tools like 3D Ripper DX… you probably figured out that PCSX2 isn’t compatible with such tools… Easily explainable… Because PCSX2 flattens the whole stuff to a 2D Layer before forwarding it to the DX api…

This is where my plugin… currently in a internal alpha testing version… Jumps in…

It’s based on Gabest’s famous GSDX Plugin which supports both DX9 and for Vista users DX10…

I added my own code to it… which pipes the whole 3D Card Traffic into a 3D File…

Or summed up… 3D Screenshots!

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