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The main blog for all Dothack Network news and updates!

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2021 Dothack Award Nominations

The Game Awards are underway, why not The Dothack Awards since they were not a nomination? Here we have 7 categories for you all to discuss and vote on, lets here your thoughts! Best Art, Fighting, Game, Mobile, Narrative, Score, and Most Anticipated Game  


Erroneous in Competitions

Make Your Own Dothack Game

Last November we at DHN wanted to host a community programming day where you the community would put your skills to the test and create the best fan dothack game. But to many people's disinterest in performing such a difficult task and many people questioning their graphic and programming skills, we sought a way to balance the field so that everyone could participate. Rather than the community sit and write code or sit and draw, we discovered an easier method. What if we provided the programs yo


Erroneous in Competitions

Official Super Smash Bros Ballot

It was posted on our page this week from a fan that SSB is hosting a ballot for you to suggest what character should be added next to SSB for the 3DS and WiiU; might we suggest Kite and Blackrose? Maybe Haseo or Ovan. Whatever you like to recommend, be sure to tell Nintendo that you want DOTHACK for the title of the game the character appears in and whatever character from whichever series you prefer. https://cp.nintendo.co.jp/us/


Erroneous in Competitions

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