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The main blog for all Dothack Network news and updates!

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Dothack Network Newsletter May 2018

It is currently the last day of May for 2018 and we are here to share to you some new updates! Dothack News! In the realm of dothack news, nothing new has come from CyberConnect2 or BandaiNamco regarding new series or releases as of yet, .hack//G.U. Last Recode is still the last in the franchise to been released. However in terms of merchandising, quite a few new content has been released or will be released. Those who ordered their Haseo figurarts from Japan had received them througho


Erroneous in Newsletter

Dothack Network Newsletter April 2018

For those unaware, our goal and mission with Dothack Network is to archive and promote both official news and content, as well as fan sites and fan projects. Basically, if CC2 or BandaiNamco mentions or graces us fans with something new in the .hack// universe we will cover it and keep a record of it. And if a fan wants to create content related towards the series, we will acknowledge it, we will promote it, and do what we can to help you grow it. This is our first and foremost purpose of our co


Erroneous in Newsletter

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