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The main blog for all Dothack Network news and updates!

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Merry Christmas PK'ers

Merry Christmas to the good PKer’s/PKKer’s and all a good night! And I’ll slay you again next year! Ho Ho Ho #dothack #ドットハック #cc2 #cyberconnect2 #bandainamco


Erroneous in Holidays

Halloween Pumpkin Carving!

Halloween is 3 weeks away! If you get an early start on carving your pumpkins, here's a few samples to begin with. Just print and tape to your pumpkin, and with a knife cut out the gray areas. Post your pics here for all to see! #dothack #dothackers #dothackgu #Halloween #pumpkin #carving #ChimChim #triedge #bandainamco #CC2 #CyberConnect2


Erroneous in Holidays

Merry Christmas Songs

Merry Christmas Dothack Network! Enjoys these three arranged audio file versions of Mistral, Balmung, and Gentle Hands from CyberConnect2. No registrations are required so feel free to download from any device. Also get a glimpse of our newest archive site for all your dothack needs. http://www.dothack.org/search/?&term=Merry&type=downloads_file  


Erroneous in Holidays

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