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The main blog for all Dothack Network news and updates!

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20th Anniversary Exhibition Merch Online Sale

Merchandise from the 20th Anniversary Exhibition in Tokyo from August 8-28th are now on sale online from the hosting party's The Chara's website for the same price as it was at the event. Just a heads up, international orders are shipped via WorldShopping. https://www.the-chara.com/view/search?search_category=ct3102  


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What is .hack (Dothack) Day?

What is .hack (Dothack) Day? Every year fans gather to celebrate the franchise particularly on August 9th which can be read as 8 and 9 or as "ha" and "ku" phonetically in Japanese. Combined you get "ha ku", and thus Dothack Day was born. How do you choose to celebrate .hack day? Share your thoughts in the comments below! And happy dothack day!  


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.hack//20th Anniversary Exhibit

From August 9th to August 28th in Japan you can attend the .hack//20th Anniversary Art Exhibit at Yurakucho Marui (が有楽町マルイ) tower on the 7th floor in Chiyoda City part of Tokyo in Japan. More info at https://www.the-chara.com/blog/?p=45183  


Erroneous in Updates

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