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.hack//ENEMY at GenCon 2023



Two decades ago, Decipher Games launched the .Hack//ENEMY CCG, based on the .Hack//SIGN anime, .Hack//IMOQ games, and .Hack//Liminality specials. The game won the 2004 Origins "Best New CCG" award. Unfortunately, the it is also long dead at this point.

Did you love the game when you were young? Did you never get a chance to try it? Did you only just find out the game exists by reading this post? If you're coming to Gencon this year, now is your chance to rekindle that old love or find out what you missed. 2 events available.

Wednesday evening at 7PM for a get-together. It's mostly meant for old players to catch up and bring their decks for some exhibition games and to talk about the "old days" but new folks would be welcome and we'll show you. Event details and ticketing is at https://gencon.com/events/230133

Saturday at 1PM for a booster draft event, All materials are provided and the cost is not only very reasonable ($12) but everyone from first to last place will walk away with at least what they paid for's worth of product. Event details and ticketing is at https://gencon.com/events/230179

Remember, Gencon event tickets go live tomorrow at 12PM Eastern time! If you are unable to secure a ticket, you are welcome to still show up with generic tickets and I will do my best to accommodate you. See you there!

Message King Puff#4191 on Discord.


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