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Reminder For .hack Goodies



Reminder! All these digital books are now FREE till July 3rd. If you ever wanted to own .hack//Archives Vol 1 & 3, .hack//SUMMER 2013, .hack//Guilty Dragon Visual Works #1, and the previous .hack Game Art Works Vol. 1, you got 2 days to add them to your account to view indefinitely.

Create a bookwalker account by email or signup via social media, click add-to-cart for each book and pay 0 jpy to add to your account. These books are viewable online only, they can not be downloaded.

.hack//Collection 20th Fes. items still available for pre-order, first come first serve at this time. Washi tape, plushes, acrylic keychains, large styrene boards, available for international shipping at cc2store-itn.shop-pro.jp and will ship after August 28th. All orders can only be fulfilled by WorldShopping, if shipped to another proxy/fowarding service, the order will be cancelled.


.hack//GU Last Recode on Steam is for sale at 85% off $7.50 till July 13th



.hack//GU Last Recode on sale for Playstation Network at 90% off till July 5th


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