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Hello Dothack Networkers! Whats been new in the realm of dothack? For starters this page has received 177 likes! Keep up the pace everyone we're off to a great start! The guys at Dimension-Corp have launched their 3D MMO live in very early beta stages. The game is online available to play but expect content to be integrated constantly. Iridium Based has released a new Letter to the Producer, a YouTube channel video blog of their news and updates. Dreamfire Studios aka Rebirth Productions have shown us some new screenshots of their game passed down by Daikonran. Our pals at .hack//Portal are restructuring things around from staff to their look of their forums for cross compatibility. Dothackers announced they will be attending ACen 2013 a tradition they've been holding onto attending for the last several years, so go see their panel if your in the Chicago area in May. And Integrability now has a Helba in their RP, with notable .hack//GU character names available this month to win.


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