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Greetings fellow Dothack Networkians! The page admin here, wishing to discover a team to help Dothack Network grow. Some of you may be under the impression that Dothack Network has a team, when in fact all content here has been handled by a single person for the last 4 years. This somewhat creates a conflict of interest as the scope of the content you read here is sole based on that one persons ability and reach that I can discover and write. Thus this has created long gaps between content and the lack of originality in the content we provide for you. We are in search of individuals who would like to represent themselves i.e. cosplayers; fan artists, and web owners who create content related towards the .hack// franchise; or those individuals who are skilled writers and reviewers who would like to write weekly syndication here based on current events on the .hack universe and related fan sites, or even gamers who love to stream their .hack gameplays.

Whatever skill, talent, ability you have that matches these goals in mind; I ask that you send our page a message stating what you can contribute; how often you wish to contribute, and if this is truly something you wish to be part of. We understand that this role for the most part is a thankless job, one which we can not compensate and that you would be doing so volunteering, but if your love for the series and wish to give us your time; then we are more than willing to open our arms and thank you for being part of this team. Until then, thank you dothackers!


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