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First Volunteer Staff



Greetings Dothack Network,

Today we announce our very first volunteer staff to join our ranks of .hack news, coverage, throwback, fandom, and community. We'd like to welcome The Raconteur who will be providing you some original fan fiction based on the .hack series here on our page.

As a reminder, our team for the past 2 years has been 1 person bringing you all these updates, spotlights, and keeping the community together. Through volunteer staff we hope to reach out to a larger community of former and potentially new fans to the series even knowing the fact the series has hit a snails pace.

But never let that fact discourage you. Many fans of the series never expected anything beyond Legend of the Twilight, unexpectedly we got GU. Nobody expected anything beyond Roots, and we got Quantum and Beyond the World. And nobody expected anything beyond VERSUS and we got 2 mobile games (in Japan). I myself was a Tales of fan for decades of playing Phantasia, Destiny, and Eternia. And after a long decade of nothing, Symphonia surprised everyone and now a year doesn't go by without another Tales of series. Another game published locally by Bandai Namco I might add.

So lets keep the series alive by bringing old fans of the series together with making friends of the series and help fans of the trapped in MMO genre like Sword Art Online, Log Horizon, and Overlord on over.

And remember, if you wish to join our team be sure to read our previous post here https://www.facebook.com/dothacknetwork/posts/911809868953889

~ Erroneous

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