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ENEMY Uncut Sheet Winners



Congrats to our winners of the .hack//ENEMY Uncut Sheet Giveaway. We had 130 confirmed participants for this event and only 12 winners. The winners were:

  1. Lacey LeBlanc
  2. Orion Parfrey
  3. Alessandro Herculano
  4. Alexis Rousseau
  5. Simon Sarceno
  6. Hollmann Perez
  7. Justin Maddalena
  8. Willy Hamdani
  9. Alec Spangler
  10. Brandon Wheeler
  11. Claire Rochs
  12. Justin Dunaway

Congratulations everyone for participating and winning! Those listed above may contact us via direct message on Facebook to submit your mailing address and receive your reward. Thank you all for playing!

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