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2012 Short Recap



Hello and welcome to 2013. Hope you all had a great New Years and awesome year in review. In 2012 we saw .hack//Beyond the World in theaters at Japan. The BluRay release of the same title. The hybrid disc containing not only VERSUS, but also the Thanatos Report. We saw the web novel .hack//Bullet, as well as the release of Guilty Dragon on the iOS and Google Play market. CyberConnect2 also developed their present official mascot Mamoru-kun. We saw CyberConnect2 create a catchy pins set called .hack//Puchi, people across the world are collecting these guys. And they re-released .hack//Archives Vol 3 into a smaller paperback format that's much more cost friendly. Overall 2012 had many exciting adventures and we can't wait to see what happens in 2013, maybe some worldwide release hopefully. So what was your favorite update of last year?


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