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New Facebook Page for Last Recode



The hype and information on .hack//GU Last Recode has been real. Days like today shows how much cluttered our page gets with information on .hack//GU Last Recode, CC2, Hiroshi Matsuyama, trademarks, fan sites, YouTubers, news sites, our updates, our giveaways, VR adaptations of The World, .hack in Minecraft, and the .hack//fragment revival. Thus to help those who wish came here to solely focus on .hack//GU Last Recode, we've decided to add another page under our umbrella of all things .hack; but don't worry, we will continue to share information on Last Recode here on Dothack Network still; this subpage will just be a filter.


#dothack #dothackgames #dothackgu


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