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Thank you Everyone!



Congratulations folks, you did it! Thanks to all your hard work, collaborating, fan arts, fan fiction, fan sites, fan role-plays, fan projects, cosplays, fragment revival, Guilty Dragon English support, .hack//New World English support, .hack//Link translation project, .hack//Bullet translation project, speed runs, lets plays, merchandise showcase, everything you done, every time you showed your love, and every localization request time and time again. Your accomplishments goes farther than you think, your hype fueled others to join your cause, and your care you've given the series does not go uncredited.

Thank you everyone! and thank you Hiroshi Matsuyama CyberConnect2 (Japan) CyberConnect2(EN) CyberConnect2 Montréal Studio Inc. Bandai Namco Bandai Namco Entertainment for listening to us and showing you care back! Special thanks to smzeldarules, Kira Chi Cosplay, Red Bard, The World R:Craft, The World - Social VR Chatroom,  Fragment, CyberConnects2, Dot hack//Brasil, Japan Yay, Hack//Revived Twilight Knights, Operation Datashield, for your on-going contribution.

P.S. late 2017 release date!

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