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.hack//LIMINALITY Director Notes Available



We've recently came across the family of Kevin Seymour, director for the localization/translation of the bundled .hack//LIMINALITY OVA, who had gone through his estate and sell off his notes and all the documentation that went into the production of the localization. Things like the line reads for the voice actors, payments made to the voice actor talent, communication and emails between the companies involved in the rights/licensing on how they wanted their IP's handled, translation notes of original text and adjustments for English audiences. They are willing to sell off everything for $199 USD. Now this may end up being sold, to hopefully someone who is a fan of the franchise, or it may end up being sold to someone who doesn't recognize the series, or worse that it may end up be thrown out. We hope it may end in the hands of a genuine fan of the series but in the case it doesn't, we'd like a chance of obtaining this rare piece of .hack history and to share it back to everyone in the community.

We at Dothack Network are a hub that helps point fans towards related projects relevant to their interests i.e. playing .hack//fragment, playing a The World themed Minecraft game, playing in worlds modeled after The World in VRChat, playing with other role-players, meeting other cosplayers, sharing arts, etc.... We have no capital or assets other than building and maintaining this community and linking everyone and everything together. Thus we need your help in reaching a goal of $199 USD to obtain this piece of .hack history.

If we are able to acquire these documentations, you can expect us to share it with you the fans and the community. Scans of each document, video's going through the works, and acknowledgement to those that help us bringing this back to the community. Any amount helps, even a $1 USD will get us closer. So if you are able to aide in this fundraiser, we thank you wholeheartedly and hope to show you something amazing, new, and exciting!

You can donate here by clicking this link.


Below are pictures of some of the documents the family has provided.


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