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Newsletter November 2013



Thank you for your regular patronage of "The World." This is to inform you that you of the recent updates leading up to the month of November 2013. For more details, please direct your client to the Integrability forums. GM Crim has announced the launch of an event, the Beatdown. Registrations for applicants are being held here. Last month we released a Triedge template for the spirit of Halloween much like last years ChimChim template. How many of you enjoyed this years template carving? Also don't forget that the November avatar sprites are now on sale in the avatar store. Terraria and Minecraft both received updates and are currently running the latest builds. Vash, our newest staff member has been leading the production, activity, and events on these two games being ran by our community. Check out both these games on our server IP address integrability.no-ip.org when you enter the server IP. Our friends at .hack//Portal have begun production on a 2D style MMO that is .hack inspired, this game is available to download and play at your leisure. The production of this game is being led by Icy Garnet the lady administrator of the community and shared on the message board at dothackportal.com/forums. She is also responsible for the latest homepage update having more features, newer and recent content, and a sharp look. Check all this and more at their homepage dothackportal.com. The dothackers.net community is still responsible for development on the .hack//LINK translation project being worked on by JunBansyoya, Kazetrigger, Keii, and Kuukai. A newer build of their works will be available soon, current estimates are early 2014. You can see their progress here at the dothackers community forums at dothackers.net/forums. In addition, their Skype group has grown exponentially in activity and members, and their Steam group has begun. Don't forget that if you play Guilty Dragon the smart phone game, there is active support and members playing. Iridium Based has launched a new crowd funding for their 3D MMO with Indiegogo. At the time of this email being sent there is only just 16 days left and they are well on their way to their goals. Their 3D MMO game is also .hack inspired, with textures and assets seen from the game and improved. Check out their development on their community at forum.iridiumbased.com and be sure to donate to their cause at indiegogo.com. Thank you and see you soon!


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