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AltimitMine presents: The World R:Craft






What is The World R:Craft?
The forge-based server which fills full of surprises just like in .hack// games. It includes Mac Anu from R:1 with harbor, and a lot of secret rooms. It also have all root towns from R:1 but only four servers are being worked on (for now, at least). It currently have playable server is ∆ Delta Server where you all will start. Since Minecraft can't hold a lot of maps, The World R:Craft only limit some areas for each server. Except for Outer Dungeon, the special dungeon. It is in alpha stages, so please don't complain what is not working or missing things.

Who are currently members of AltimitMine team?
- Nickname/Forums name, Minecraft name, Role
- Zhen, Jerry66699, Developer
- KendoFang, KendoFang, Founder
- McLovin, ???, Forums Manager
- RinHanakimi, Rinhanakimi, Administrator
- Kaldeon, Kaldeon, Administrator (or Game Master)
- Sharp_Fox, Sharp_Fox, Administrator
- Tokio, Firelad1997, Administrator (or Game Master)
- Aleria or Alexie, Aleria_Alexie, Game Master
- Azoha, ???, Game Master
- Laurayne, Laurayne, Game Master (or Administrator)

What is the purpose of AltimitMine?
To make "The World" successful for Minecraft. You can check here (more information about AltimitMine isn't available, yet) for more details.

Let's continue with other stuffs about The World R:Craft!


General Information
Website: http://altimitmine.us/index.php?portal/
Server IP: mc.altimitmine.us
Teamspeak IP: ts3.altimitmine.us
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/altimitmineproject/

Current Mods

  • AltimitMine's Official Mod: The Eight Phases of Morganna
  • Hell Sword
  • Giant Swords Revived
  • ForgeMultipart
  • Jammy Furniture
  • DamageIndicators
  • ChatBuddles
  • CustomNPCs (Modified)
  • Novamenu
  • Optifine HD
  • Zan's Minimap
  • Animated Player
  • More Player Models 2
  • Secret Rooms
  • Natura
  • Tinkers Construct
  • Immibis Mods
  • Mircoblocks

Current Classes

  • Blademaster
  • Wavemaster
  • Heavy Blade
  • Heavy Axeman
  • Long Arm
  • Twin Blade

How to connect to the server?
In order to connect to the server, you have two choices: use Technic Launcher or manually add modpack.

- Using Technic Launcher

- Manually Adding Modpack

  • Download Forge 1.6.4.
  • Run Forge at least once to generate files needed.
  • Download AlimitMine mods. Then exact them to .minecraft/mods directory.
  • Run the client.
  • You're good to go!

How to play? Check the guide here.
Why don't guide have enough information? The World R:Craft is in alpha stages. There is not enough information as of right now, we are trying to find them as soon as possible. We also don't always notice a thing in the game what we didn't put in guide, but you can contact me or Zhen about it.
I've found bug/glitch! Where should I report? Post in Bug Reports here.
I'm lost! Can you help? Sure, you can, but do not spam me and other staffs about your problems. Just post in Help section here.
Can I become staff member? Yes you can. However you can't directly message staffs on forums or in-game by just asking "Can I become staff" "Plz promote me" "I wanna join team, can u make me staff" and such. Please follow the guidelines here. You have two choices to submit your application: message Zhen or KendoFang or post new thread here. Never spam us if it's taking long time. We are trying to get you as soon as possible when we can. We're often so busy.
Are there server rules I can read? Yes, there are server rules found in-game or here. Please remember: rules are subjected to change, modify, or revamp.
The client crashed! What should I do? Delete modpack and re-download them. If it persists, please post in Bug Reports or contact Zhen.
Why is the server empty? We have a lot less members on the server and they're also often busy. Only one active member: me.
Is there a way that us players can talk to each other? Yes you can. Zhen already had created Teamspeak 3 server for you guys to use. The IP is ts3.altimimine.us.


You think The World R:Craft is awesome? Please help us and donate! We also need more active players, so join us!!

Tokio - AltimitMine Staff Member


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