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Rebuild Mac Anu!



Dear community,

Zhen here today, and I am now currently looking for players that wanna help rebuild Mac Anu! If anyone is interested, or anyone that might have a copy of Infection that can screen shoot the city for me, message me! All players of all building experience welcome! I will be pushing my latest build of the mod pack soon, so look it for next time you launch Technic!

As for our website/forums, they are currently under heavy reconstruction for the new update. The only things that will be available there will be links to the Technic Launcher page and the offline/cracked mod file for players who use cracked clients. Firelad/Tokio is in charge of this so all questions/requests should be sent his way.

I hope everyone had a good, safe new years and I hope to see new and old faces ingame soon!


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