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V0.10 Released



V0.10 released live on the Technic Launcher!
Change-log: Fixed the huge lag issues that was caused by the Battle Music mod, there is now a known memory leak in it and I have therefore removed it until its fixed. The server has also been switched over to a new host but the ip in the modpack should still link you to no matter what, if you have any issues or its not working please report! I've also thrown up a quickly built root town that is only temporary and is no where perfect. More to come soon!

We are still looking for any builders or anyone that can screenshot Mac Anu from G.U. as this is the root town we've chosen. Just post an application for builder (template coming soon) or any screenshots you can get!

Please post any bugs or any suggestions, on our Reddit found here https://www.reddit.com/r/altimitmine/


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