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V0.15 Released



V0.15 released live on the Technic Launcher!
Minimap moved to right side of screen.
Added Tinkers Mod, this is for blocks only
Changed modpack hosting to hopefully provide faster and more reliable downloads as the current method will soon expire.

Also bit of an update to the Facebook page for web and mobile. You can now find a button next to our like page, which is called Play Game. What this button does is send you to our install guide to help all users install our modpack and start playing The World R:Craft!

Fun Game Fact: This server isn't set in the main games of R:1 or R:2 or the others but in its own little version. This is allow to have more creative powers without using the storyline that everyone already knows! Yes we are modeling after R:2 but think of the server as R:2.5!

Please post any bugs or any suggestions, on our Reddit found here https://www.reddit.com/r/altimitmine/


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