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Power Issues

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Server power issues for the moment have seemed to be fixed and on other another note, I've completely redone our homepage over at http://www.altimitmine.us/ to reflect our new change.

On a developers note, after much searching I've determined that 1.7.10 has no good multiverse mods that fit into our plan so I've began the process of updating the modpack to 1.8 as Sponge (https://www.spongepowered.org/) has released builds that seem pretty stable and have built in Mulitworld functions via commands I can bind in a GUI for a new Gate GUI system. As of now I am awaiting Battlegear 2, Forge Mulitpart, Immibis Microblocks, liteloader, Mantle/Tinkers/Tinkers Defense, and SGCraft to update to 1.8. Once these core mods have updated 1.8 I will be updating the server and modpack to 1.8 for improved FPS and better Multiworld management. Thank you for following our little project and we can't wait to get everything set up so we can bring back all the fields we have completed!

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