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Stepping Down

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Hello everyone,

*sigh* After much thought on this subject, I've decided that I am stepping down from project. I do not do this lightly however with the current state of my financials and recently becoming a single father to two wonderful children, I no longer have the time, energy, drive, or will to continue working on this project. This project has started becoming too much for me to handle with everything else. I am sorry to everyone who was following us and waiting for a more polished server/modpack. I am sorry to my fellow project members and friends.

I will be releasing the project files (The server files and modpack files) to rest of the team so if they wish to start everything back up they can. In that case, I will add them as a page owner over here so they keep you guys updated. I thank you all for your help, advice and dedication to this project.
- AzureZhen

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