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Major Update

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Major Update:
The server is now up and running for a stress test and stability. I've managed to finally figure out which mods didn't need updated and what could be updated. This was 5 hours and 2 black outs worth of work, I hate Forge mods sometimes but it's worth it for the server!

Once I am satisfied with it, I am just waiting to hear back from Tyrial about the state of our custom launcher. If it's still a good ways from being completed, I'll just upload the modpack to technic launcher. I am hoping we can have our own custom launcher soon!

Also you might have noticed that our website changed a bit, I've added a server status on the top of each page for the MC server and our TS server. Please note the TS server reads down but it is in fact up.

We are recruiting builders and coders as we are in desperate need of them. Even if you can't build super awesome things, if you can follow a set plan and do a lot of copying and pasting, WE NEED YOU! Thank you guys for staying with us so far and welcome to anyone new! So for please stand by as the testing is being done and go give our forums some love! http://worldrcraft.enjin.com/home

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