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Version 1.6

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Modpack Version 1.6 The Stability Update Released!

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a great morning/day/night where ever you might be in the world! I am proud to announce The 1.6 release of our modpack that also includes the official launch of our server! This is a major update as it brings closer to the final setup of the class systems, which permissions and more spells are left, major stability of the modpack overall, and the return of some of the originals to a much more active roles! You can update your Technic packs to enjoy our new update! Our official launcher should be coming soon so the days of having to download the modpack in a whole are coming to an end!

Chat is now fixed and better then Vanilla chat.
Redesigned main menu with new music!
Added in Mac Anu theme to Mac Anu.
PVP Toggle added. *Still in beta not recommend yet*
Windowed Fullscreen added.
Full controller support, you can now map The World R:Craft to your favorite controllers!
Tall doors added.
Starting Inventory added *Not configured at this time
Resource Loader added to make it easier to upload sounds and such to the game.
Voice chat in-game *To be tested

Removed some mods that had massive memory leaks, speeding up the game overall.
Removed Mineloader for faster load up time/memory leak.
Updated almost all mods to latest versions.
Started the rewrite to the leveling system, fixing the sound bug that caused some lag.
Keys and such reconfigured, please take a look at controls to learn them.

Known Bugs:
Default minecraft health bar is shown.
Game sometimes crashing when going in between Delta Bursting Passed Over Aqua Field.
Mobs in Delta Bursting Passed Over Aqua Field don't give right experience points. This is a bug in the new leveling system.
Besides either dying or completing the dungeon, the only other way out of Delta Bursting Passed Over Aqua Field is to do /spawn. *Soon to be changed to /gateout

Recommended Specs for Modpack:
Intel dual core/AMD quad core
2 to 3 GB of memory.
Java 7 64 bit.
Integrated graphics *Shaders and Textures pack require a dedicated GPU for best results.

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