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What’s new with DHN?



What’s new with DHN? We have daily YouTube videos. A tutorial on how to play any region .hack game on any PS2 with one small update. Twitch Plays .hack//fragment 24/7. And a .hack//Quarantine free giveaway once we hit a milestone. Find out only here at DHN. #ドットハック #dothack

Youtube Shorts being uploaded every single day.

 Yeah, .hack//Quarantine is expensive, anywhere between $200-400, in the past 5-10 years this has been growing from $95 on average. But you can get one free in our free giveaway once one of our communities reaches a major milestone. Spread the word!

 MechaPWN PS2 update from retail to debug unit to play NTSC-U/C, PAL, and NTSC-J with no modchips, no wires, no swap discs, no difficulty, easy to setup, one time only needed.

 Twitch Plays .hack//fragment 24/7. No PC, no PS2? No problem! No setup, just create a Twitch account and enter the commands on screen into the chat, and you can play anywhere anytime. And play with online .hack gamers.


Want someone to talk to about the .hack anime, games, novels, manga, fan games, trading card games, translations, or anything specifically related to the series? Join our Dothack Discord of over 2000+ like-minded fans who share your interest!



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