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Upscale PCSX2 to 4K



We did not get any news about .hack this E3, but there's always TGS 9/30 in Japan. Until then why not give your classic PS2 .hack game a fresh coat of paint? Install PCSX2, pop in that .hack disc, and in your video plugin settings, you can go 4k or even 8k.

Click the image for 3 screenshots of Native PS2, 4k, and 8k. Native to upscale drastically improves the quality. But not much change between 4k and 8k. Unless you look at Kite's eyes, you can see sharpness improvement. Also there's a fork in PCSX2 that allows texture swapping.

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The photo above shows an example of the native PS2 graphics against 4k upscaling and 8k upscaling. Pretty much anything after 4k doesn't have any significant improvement till you swap out the actual texture files. With PCSX2 1.7+ you can swap textures, there's an IMOQF set you can find on Google.

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Here's a closer look at the settings I have used in PCSX2 1.6


And the settings I used in PCSX2 in 1.7


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