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As it stands, Hiroshi Matsuyama has always proven to be on board with releasing more .hack into the North American and European regions. The biggest block seems to be coming from BandaiNamco games. Which has always shown little support for the title. Take a look at what games they always keep reordering from CyberConnect2 (Japan), and take a look at what PS2 classic games that are available on Playstation Network store. The .hack series gets no love from Bandai Namco games. Even dothackers.net's attempt to Localize .hack// by focusing attention to Rich “FilthieRich” Bantegui of the Bandai Namco community manager was slightly in vain as he departed the company in May 2013. So where does that leave us? We the fans, need to strengthen our group, frequent the Bandai Namco pages on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and make it known a fanbase still exists. We the owners of Dothack Network have been archiving site after site of the .hack fanbase; many of which no longer available online and now preserved on our blogs page in order to prove there is a fan base for many years. Help us expand our userbase, help us voice our opinions to Bandai Namco, and help us get .hack//fragment, .hack//LINK, .hack//Versus, Guilty Dragon published outside Japan and localized for additional languages.


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