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I need a PS2 Slim…

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Well - I’m asking for a lot lately… but its for a reason…
Everythings been going smooth with the project - till now…
Because the stuff we did didn’t alter the games code - even in the tiniest bit…

But soon we have to start doing alterations… we have to nuke the DNAS Protection to get the Game to connect to our own servers…

Such a hack needs a lot of testing… which ultimately means we’d have to waste hundreds of DVD blanks… if not thousand…

I only got a old “fat” PS2… which is fine for most of the work I do… but it’s not capable of reading DVD-RW or +RW… which means everytime I do a test… I waste one DVD blank…

Slimline PS2s are capable of reading rewriteable Media… thus I’m asking…

If there is someone out there that wishes to help this project - please contact me on MSN or ICQ and donate a bit of cash to me so I can get me a Slimline PS2 and start hacking this thing for real.

MSN: coldbird123@hotmail.com
ICQ: 419134465

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