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Super Fan Friday - Ivonne Luminya Mikadzuki

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Happy Friday everyone! Andrew back with another Super Fan Friday.

This time we have a really awesome cos-player who goes by Luminya!

Show some ❤❤❤ and all you .hackers represent!

Name: Ivonne (Artist name is: Luminya Mikadzuki)

Country: Germany

Occupation: "Media designer Digital & Print"

Hobbies: "Cosplay, Gaming, Sewing, Editing"

Dislikes: "Liars, hypocrites"

Favorite anime/cartoon/movie: Favourite Anime: Shigatsu wa Kimi no uso / .hack Sign, // Fav. movie: .hack Triology, Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive

Favorite game of all time: Resonance of Fate

Favorite CC2 game of all time and why?: ".hack//G.U. because I can feel and understand the characters. The story is so fascinating. It's nice to see and experience how each character evolves. There are so many emotions in that game and I personally really wish that the game continues."

Best CC2 game memory: "When Atoli gets infected by Aida, becuase you get to now her past and my past was similar when I was younger so I could resonate with her. I also cried. In that moment you could really see that she has friends who care about her."

Hidden Talents: "If I wanted to, I could sew a whole cosplay in 1-2 weeks. I sewed Haseos 5th Form in 1,5 weeks."

Picture explanation: "Everything is beautiful with you. Even I." "Atoli is a healer and I wanted to show that she is trustworthy and always thinks of her friends first instead of herself. She looks like an angel with her wings."

Dream/Aspiration in the future: "I want to do more and more elaborate costumes. Next year I want to cosplay Aida Atoli from the movie, but I also want to sew huge dresses. My dream is to visit a convention in Japan some day or to watch a game concert like from Kingdom Hearts or .hack.  I love the music from these titles."

I'd like to thank Luminya once again for her awesome cosplay and for being such a really cool fan of ours. If you think you're a Super Fan, then don't forget to send us a message to be featured! Until next time!

You can contact Luminya on the following:

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/Luminyacosplay/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/luminyamikadzuki/

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/leannecrescent







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